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1W led undergroud light

Product Code:
Light Type:
1W high power led
LED chips brand: Epistar,Bridgelux,CREE,Epileds
IP Rating: IP67
Input Voltage:
24V AC/DC  or 220V AC
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 90-100
Beam Angle:
30°  、45°、 60° 
Emitting Color:
Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,white,warm white
Shell Material:
Aluminum+Tempered Glass
Color temperature: golden yellow: 2000-2200K warm white:2700-3000K white:4200-4500K cold white:6000-6500K
Warranty: 2 years

The features of 1w led inground light

Material and characteristics :                                                        

Stainless steel housing,aluminum shell 

Illuminant type:LED Heat-resistant toughened glass 
Abs resin pre-burier tub 
High temperature resistant waterproof silica gel circle 
Protection grade:IP67

Application places:
Square, park, walking street, villa district, building, green etc …