The difference between Structural Waterproofing and glue sealing waterproof of Lighting

2016-05-05 Category:CiSun News

There are two types of outdoor LED lamps waterproof: structural waterproof and glue sealing waterproof.

structural waterproof lighting with advanced waterproof performance,even if long-term use will not affect its waterproof performance!

Structural waterproof lighting also have a more beautiful appearance than glue sealing waterproof.

It's better to achieve whole structural waterproofing if possible,however, the details of lamp fixtures and mould requirements are very high.

Preliminary design is very laborious,development costs are very high;It relies mainly on structural waterproofing rubber (rubber ring) filling

and screw fastening waterproof.The IP rate of structural waterproof lighting can reach IP67.

Glue sealing waterproof is now the fashion way in outdoor lighting industry.Glue sealing has a high labor costs and glue cost,

After filling glue the lamp color will rise,if there is bad product is not conducive to maintenance,disassembly is very inconvenient.

Cisun Lighting's structure waterproof LED lamps products including LED wall washer, LED spot light, LED flood light,LED linear lighting.