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  • Rgbw led linear light bar

    Contour LED lighting for architecture outline is a direct view linear LED fixture ideally suited for creating long ribbons of color and color-changing effects. Can change all kinds of colors And produce gradients, flicker, scanning, chasing, running water and other effects.
  • RGB Pixels LED Lights DMX512 Control

    Pixels LED lights is small, exquisite appearance, common indoor and outdoor. Apply to the contour of building, indoor and outdoor LED advertising display; can also be used as indoor decorative light source.
  • DMX512 RGB led strip light

    Programmable dmx512 control, DC24V, 10pixels per meter, RGB led strip lights
  • dmx512 led strip light indoor use

    DC24V, 10 pixels, dmx512 rgb programmable led strip light board
  • RGBW DMX512 led spot light

    CREE external high power Led flood lights,RGBW with DMX512 for the outdoor landscape.
  • DMX512 led wall washer light

    We carry a wide variety LED Wall Washers for LED Lighting projects. Select from our RGB Color Changing LED Wall Washers or use a single color White or Warm White LED Wall Washers. All of our LED Wall Washers are capable of projecting light over 2meters. Each LED Wall Washer can be controlled by PWM Dimming or DMX Control.
  • BF12B DMX Led Controller With Video Player System

    The host-controller MR-BF12B can use real time with computer or offline control.
  • T700K pixel led controller

    Support LEDedit-K software visual independent programming, you can edit LED effects at will。
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