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Welcome to Cisun Lighting! Based in Shenzhen, China, we are committed to providing premier LED facade lighting solutions to our clients, including both residential and commercial customers.  We can provide a wide array of landscape lighting solutions, specifically for facades.Cisun Lighting Solutions is your committed provider of high quality LED Lighting Products, DMX LED linear Lights,DMX LED Wall Washer Lights, LED landscape lighting,DMX LED pixels lighting,LED flood light,LED underground lighting,outdoor wall lights,DMX LED Controllers, LED Low Voltage Power Supplies and DMX LED Controls for architectural facade,hotel facade,building curtain wall etc.

Lighting Retrofits for Huge Savings
According to statistical data, lighting retrofits can save more than 85% of energy consumption. Rather than resorting to the use of old light bulbs that are energy-hungry, we can provide you with alternative options for LED facade lighting, specifically products that will minimize your energy consumption. Even if the lights are left turned on the whole night, you won’t have to worry about the energy that it consumes. We can provide you with the assurance that they will not be a reason for your utility bills to shoot up. 
An Essential for Improving Aesthetic Appeal
With our architectural lighting products, you will surely be able to create more appealing spaces beyond facades. We make sure that all of our lights are designed in such a way that they will leave a lasting impression. For sure, your guests will be captivated with your façade lighting, making them envious of what you have. Our goal is to transform a simple space into one that is more attractive, which can be achieved through the right lighting. If you want to create a dramatic effect or if you wish to establish any other mood, our façade lighting products will surely prove to be handy. 
Customized to your Needs
At Cisun Lighting, we also take pride in the fact that we can provide personalized landscape lighting to our customers. All of our products can be customized based on your specific needs. Give us a call, let us know what you need, and we will be working on our best to deliver outcomes that are attuned with client-specific requirements. We will even help you find the best installers to make sure that the installation will be handled successfully. The best part is that we will have it modified until you are satisfied. Our job is not done until you are happy with what you are seeing. At our company, your wish is our command. Your needs and preferences will be our guiding principles. 
Price That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet 
A lot of people shun the idea of using facade lighting because of the assertion that it is expensive. Yes, the latter can be true, but such will only be the case if you choose the wrong supplier. At Cisun Lighting, we have products and services that are available at affordable prices. You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy premium quality. The best thing is that while our LED façade lighting is affordable, quality is never compromised in any way. In fact, all of our products have a three-year warranty, which is a testament to how confident we are of what we will deliver. In addition, we are also proud to say that our lighting products have passed international quality standards.

Cisun Lighting is a excellent manufacturer of Outdoor LED lights products in China. We only provide high quality outdoor LED light with reasonable price, Factory direct sales with competitive price. Complete & strict quality control system from incoming material quality control, All outdoor Contour LED lighting for architecture outline must accept accept 5 kinds of checks during production, raw material check, Lights beads check, Aluminum plate check, Power supply check and the finished products need to pass 48 hours aging test.

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