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LED controller and RGB led lights signal connection

LED controller and RGB led lights signal connection


    Today we explain in detail the signal connection method of LED main controller, LED sub-controller and DMX512 led light.

The materials we need to use include the BF12B LED main controller, MR-218DW 8-ports sub-controller, DMX512 rgb linear light bar, super category 6 network cable and led lights connector.

View detailed parameters of BF12B LED controller
View detailed parameters of MR-218DW LED sub-controller
View detailed parameters of DMX512 rgb led light bar

Control schematic

    MR-218DW sub-controller has 8 output ports, each port can control up to 512 pixels, if the project uses 8 pixel RGB led linear lights, each port can control up to 64 meters of LED linear lights bar.

    A sub-controller can control up to (8 port*64M) 512 meters RGB led linear lights bar. This is the maximum controllable quantity of each sub-control. In actual installation, the controllable quantity of each port needs to be set according to the signal direction of the led light A signal loop uses one control port; S-type serial connection can also be used to connect the outdoor rgb led lights, but this method will cause difficulty in the maintenance of the LED night scene project in the later period.

Control Schematic 2


    The BF12B main controller can control about 150,000PCS RGB pixels, each 8-port sub-controller can control 4096 pixels, and a BF12B can connect up to 36 fully loaded sub-controllers. The signal lines of the BF12B controller and the sub-controller need to use super-category 5 or super-category 8-core network cables. Both ends use T568B mode RJ45 crystal terminal crimping lines. The distance of the signal line can reach 100M. If the signal line exceeds 100M, the middle space can be used Contains a sub-control connection.

DMX512 led lights control principle diagram

      When the sub-controller is connected to the LED lights, it is also necessary to use super category 5 or category 6 network cables as the signal lines, and use the connector that matches the LED lights at the end to transfer to the LED lights.

Before, we have to install and fix the lamp, check the power line, and then turn on the power without any problem, and write the address code to the DMX512 RGB led lights through the line writer, and then connect the signal line of the led light controller to DMX512 RGB led lights.

If everything goes well, you can light up and control your entire LED night scene project. Good luck!