Architectural Lighting

Unique architectural lighting ideas made real

Want to refurbish your space in the run-up to a big event? The best way to do it is to install our architectural LED lighting for buildings that need to look beautiful in the hours of darkness. By playing with light and shadows, you can augment the exterior features and mask what should be kept out of sight. Redefine how locals and visitors view historical buildings, churches, fountains, and bridges!

If you’re about to illuminate these or other locations, Cisun Lighting is a Chinese architectural lighting manufacturer with a strong focus on you having multiple choices. We have LED luminaires galore for any illumination idea, accent, and building type.

Order architectural lighting online

Do you need a beam angle of 5, 25, or 45 degrees? Looking for lanterns that bring colors to life to match the general area concept? You don’t have to ask twice with an established architectural lighting supplier like Cisun Lighting. Explore lights with the needed features and order them online for exterior illumination. Nothing works better for that than our:

  • Spotlights
  • Wall washer lights
  • Underground lights
  • Underwater lights

If spotlights don’t cut it for your design project, our washer lights can become a great alternative. Their narrow housing is packed with dozens of diodes and is ideal for installation on commercial buildings or other areas where you need to illuminate large spaces with a single extended unit. The best thing for enhancing architectural features? You can customize our washer lights by choosing the number of diodes, wattage, and brightness output.

Gorgeous and efficient lighting solutions can make a difference in any construction or makeover project. Whether you’re working on keeping the viewer’s focus on a gallery, hotel, or city hall, Cisun Lighting has the right LED lights for builders, architects, and designers.

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