Facade Lighting

LED string lights: Flickering festivity along the wire

Are you decorating your store or looking for a cross-sell opportunity to pair with your Christmas products? There’s one thing everybody is obsessed with when it’s Xmas time: string LED lights. These provide many meters of flickering festivity that can be added to homes, offices, and industrial spaces.

Our LED fairy lights for sale instill a decorative twist to living spaces and shopping mall stores with a range of light effects. Set them to constant light to accentuate your brand colors or match them to your interior design. Or choose from gradually changing and flickering effects to put yourself and passers-by into a carefree Christmas spirit. Getting bored with any mode doesn’t leave you without a choice, as you can select a more fun option at any time.

High-quality LED string lights that bear no safety risks

Christmas decorations are often associated with increased fire risks. But that’s only true when lousy products are used.

Cisun Lighting strings and LEDs are safety-tested to make sure they are not considered fire hazards. Whether you’re hanging them on your Christmas tree or installing them as a Welcome sign at your retail store, you can be sure they won’t emit much heat to set surrounding items, including stuffed toys like Santa, ablaze.

The best thing is higher-quality, robust materials don’t take their toll on the price of LED string lights at Cisun Lighting. Made with long-lasting wires, our battery-powered LEDs are more affordable than most other Christmas lights. Besides, they consume less power than those, so a single string can be perfect for multiple holiday seasons.

When it comes to your options, you can buy LED fairy lights with up to 100 meters in string length. This is long enough to create a festive ambiance in large areas, indoors or outdoors.

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