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MR 3F12B Master LED Controller

MR 3F12B Master LED Controller

The MR-3F12B standard series main controller for the night scene lighting project.
  • Product model :

  • Protocol :

    DMX or SPI
  • Data Input :

    SD Card
  • Power Input :

  • Rated Power :

  • MAX Upload :

    450,000 Channels
  • Dimensions :

  • Weight :

  • Control mode :

    Master controller
  • Software :

    Simple LED /MR player
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

The MR-3F12B standard series main controller for the night scene lighting project, which launched the third-generation new solution product. Using more high-end FPGA chips, it supports higher computing speed, larger storage space, and can be expanded to support more load channels. Support capacitive multi-touch operation, greatly optimize on-site debugging work, support up to 450,000 channels of output. Surge protection 1.5KV and other characteristics. Long-term operation in high and low temperature harsh environments.


1. MR-3F12B Supports a Maximum Load of 450,000 ChannelsIn

2. MR-3F12B Support Unlimited Cascade Transmission, Unlimited Number;

3. The System Supports Automatic, Timing, Holiday Preset Effect Playback;

4. Support Buttons and External Remote Control, Program Selection, Brightness Adjustment, White Balance Adjustment, Playback Speed Adjustment, etc

5. Support a Variety of DMX512 Driver Chips Offline One-Key Write Address;

6. Support Offline Fix, Clear Device ID Number

7. Support Switch Parallel Scheme: improve Stability

8. Support Multi-Loop Ring Backup, One Controller is Broken or The Network Cable is Broken and The Display is Not Affected

9. Support Real-Time Hot Backup of Multiple Master Controllers;

10. Independent Brightness Control of 3 Primary Colors, Easy to Adjust White Balance

11. Support R,RB,RGB,RGBW,RGBWY, and Multi-Color Mixing Control;

12. Using Ethernet Interface and UDP Protocol, The Distance is 100 Meters;

13. LCD Display Module Displays Controller Parameters and Status in Time;

14. SD Card Storage, Can Support 64G, Can Preset 99 Program Files;

15. Support Multiple Master Control Offline and Online Partition Management Function;

16. Support Multiple Devices LAN Remote Online Download and Update Programs

17. Built-in Animation Test Program

18. Supports Mixed use of Different Types of Lamps and Lamps of Different Protocols

19. Equipment Network Port, Surge Protection: 1.5KV;

20. Support Severe Working Environment -40℃-80℃, Normal Operation Without Failure;

21. Supports Offline and Online Firmware Upgrades;

22. Dual Network Port Output Simultaneously, More Flexible Architecture.

MR-3F12B Control schematic 1

Offline Control schematic

3F12B & 228DW Control schematic 2

Computer Online Control schematic

3F12B front view

3F12B Black view

3F12B Top view

MR-3F12B Dimensions

MR-3F12B led controller details

MR-3F12B led controller details

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