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Outdoor flood lights for an abundance of brightness

Flooding doesn’t necessarily have to send shivers down your spine, especially when it comes to lighting. LED flood lights live up to their name as outdoor light projectors covering the entire area with intense light. With extra-wide beam angles and 360° rotating designs, these fixtures effectively beat darkness in large outdoor spaces, including building exterior walls, sports venues, parks, and warehouses.

LED flood lights work best in multiple-unit projector systems. You can assemble one with our 50W options or 200W fixtures for a 4x output boost. Our 200W LED flood lights for sale won’t fail to flood your space with high-intensity lighting, no matter the square footage. You can adjust them to install on the poles, tilt them for more targeted illumination, and request design customizations for your specific needs.

What makes our LED projector lights perfect for outdoors?

These lights are made specifically for large outdoor areas. Since outdoor applications always involve weather and impact risks, all our 50W and 200W fixtures are:

  • Made with outdoor-grade tempered glass and aluminum housings
  • Protected from UV
  • Easy to install and remove for upkeep
  • Pre-tested for water damage and rated at IP65

The biggest combined benefit of Cisun Lighting manufacturing features is that our waterproof flood lights hold up well to survive any outdoor usage risk like constant sun exposure, rain, or high wind. Their lifespan is proven to be 50,000 hours, even if they are installed in windy areas or where it rains every other day.

While our flood lights may not withstand the devastating flood that takes down street poles, they are covered for workmanship and design failures by the Cisun Lighting warranty. It applies to all fixtures in the product range and is valid for 3 years.

Whether you’re looking to buy flood lights online with our standard configurations or request customizations, connect with us to move on to the next step.

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