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LED light power supply units for any lighting setup

A power supply isn’t something you pay extra attention to when planning a lighting project. But messing up with your choice at this stage can lead to a disaster down the road as your lights may flicker or fail to light up in the first place. That’s why you should consider numerous factors, from the installation place to the need for additional cooling, when deciding on a waterproof LED power supply.

Cisun Lighting is a reliable supplier of switching power supplies for any LED-based project. Determine the power requirements of your lighting setup, carefully evaluate the installation area, and contact us for the final price or other information you need.

Explore our LED switching power supply range

Our line of power supplies for LED lighting includes a variety of options. You can order a unit with a 60W to 600W power range for 12V to 54V of output voltage. We have waterproof PSUs for outdoor installations that are fully protected from the elements and dust exposure according to IP67/IP65.

If your project does imply a power supply functioning in severe weather conditions, you can order an LED rainproof power supply. These units are complete with water splash and dust protection, allowing you to install them anywhere you want to keep them up and running.

Cisun Lighting stands behind all power supplies with a manufacturer warranty. Rest assured your project is backed up with quality units.

Most competitive LED power supply prices

Depending on the power supply you need, prices may differ. But whether you need a 600W unit with waterproof protection for outdoor installation or a 240W indoor switching power supply, the price will not be a shocker to you. Cisun Lighting always charges reasonably to make sure our PSUs and fixtures won’t bust your budget.

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