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The best Art-Net controllers to upgrade from ordinary to unusual

Cisun Lighting has come up with its own take on Art-Net to fight off whatever you find inconvenient, inefficient, or annoying. Our line of Art-Net-to-DMX and DMX-to-Art-Net controllers make complex lighting settings simple by allowing for one-device control of all your fixtures. The multi-port design of these controllers enables you to keep your lights and lamps Ethernet-connected and adjust the effects when necessary. The settings can be changed online for your ultimate convenience.

Cisun Lighting multi-port Art-Net controllers extend the standard range of DMX universes and are compatible with many IC protocols. This makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor uses that involve multiple fixtures and anything but ordinary visual effects. Once you connect your controller to your LED lights, screens, and other equipment, you will never have trouble adjusting brightness, colors, and effects.

To get even more creative with your lights, you can pair our Art-Net LED controllers with Madrix software. They are optimized to work seamlessly with Madrix and let you fine-tune, set up, and record visual effects that are best for your applications. Enjoy it in real time as you shake up your lighting project.

Easy-to-configure Art-Net lighting controls

It may not be easy to tinker with DMX universes, modes, and connection types for the first time. But Cisun Lighting won’t leave you unassisted. When ordering our Art-Net light controllers online, you will have them with comprehensive how-to guides. Whether you’re setting up a light show or adding creative effects to your exterior lighting, we’ll make it easy for you.

Stumbled upon any issues? Our technical support is available to all customers in China and overseas to eliminate your project hindrances as soon as possible.

Buy an Art-Net controller to take your lighting project to the next level!

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