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TC816 ARTNET Controller BOX MADRIX Lighting Controller

TC816 ARTNET Controller BOX MADRIX Lighting Controller

The New ArtNet Controller,8 XLR ouput or 8 Terminal post output, deep improvement, more convenient for various lights connection
  • Model :

  • Input :

    Art-Net /DMX Console /SD Card(8G)
  • Output :

    8 XLR & 8 Green Terminal
  • Universe :

    1U~6U(Max 1020 Pixels) /1 Port
  • Protocol :

    DMX / SPI / TTL
  • Software :

    WeShow & MADRIX
  • Control mode :

  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

TC816 Artnet LED Controller

    TC816 artnet controller is a controller with LCD digital interface display, which converts Art-Net signals into various pixel light chip signals; TC816 controller uses standard Ethernet transmission, and can also be transmitted through DMX512 console Signal control.
    TC816 artnet controller has 8 XLR output ports and 8 Terminal output ports. It can control a variety of LED IC chips and supports automatic addressing function, making it convenient for users to access different types of lights and achieve unified control of different RGB /RGBW lights.
    The TC816 controller input network port (NET IN) can be directly connected to the computer network card, or can be connected to the computer network card through a switch or photoelectric converter.
TC816 controller is widely used in construction, municipal lighting, stage scenery, entertainment venue decoration, etc.; it can achieve various changing effects such as horse racing, running water, tailing, painting, scanning, raindrops, etc. It has the advantages of convenient wiring and simple use.

  TC816 Controller use Weshow and MADRIX for programming.

TC816 LED Controller

TC816 Controller, Artnet Controller

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