Landscape Lighting

Waterproof LED street light modules for a complete arrangement

Does your backyard or landscape lighting project look spectacular on paper, but some lights have gone out and ruined the entire arrangement? Cisun Lighting has all the replacement solutions for modular LED street lights you may need. If your project requires fixtures that shine perfectly in their rectangular, round, or square shape, our modules are your best options.

Cisun Lighting modules are suitable for replacements or upgrades. They rely on the benefits of aluminum to be lightweight and easy to pair with other fixtures and all exterior styles.

When it comes to performance, our LED modules for street lights come with Cree LED or Philips chips. They are compatible with the IP65 standard, which makes them waterproof and suitable for areas exposed to high humidity levels.

Why choose us as a LED street light module supplier?

There are feelings of certainty, accomplishment, and security that all our customers have in common. Cisun Lighting is a reputable modular LED street light manufacturer that follows the strictest production and inspection standards for every part, from the module to the casing and wiring. To prove it, we provide a 3-year warranty on any module.

Do you have to replace failed modules? It’s easy to avoid the guesswork involved in the job. As a LED module street light supplier, we will help you install our modules and provide in-depth technical documentation for each unit.

Don’t waste your time searching for those who can share technical advice and deliver modules to your place. If you need new units or installation recommendations, contact us for the next step. Our specialists will provide free advice and bring you up to speed on how necessary the replacement is and whether there are better ways to handle your illumination issue.

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