Facade Lighting

The best LED strip lights to add color and flexibility to your exterior

When fixed, single-color LEDs don’t cut it, strip lights can be an excellent upgrade. Easy to fit into any exterior space, they are perfect for visual layering and other effects to distinguish the building or area from its same-looking counterparts. With a bevy of emitters on a premium-quality FPCB, our high quality LED strip lights create powerful illumination that catches the eye. Better yet, you can easily change to different colors or adjust the brightness for your project.

Why you’ll be happy to buy LED strip lights at Cisun Lighting

Our LED strips make for a feature-rich addition to facade lighting and indoor board lighting. That’s because they are:

  • Flexible. Not blessed with a lot of space? Our LED strips are made with a flexible PCB, making them easy to bend and install in a space-limited environment.
  • Optimized for indoor and outdoor uses. If you’re searching for a facade lighting option, our IP65-rated LED strip lights will resist the elements perfectly. For indoor applications, you can go for LED strips without water protection.
  • Programmable. Our LED strips are compatible with DMX, the latest light controllers, and other equipment. Once connected, it’s easy to program their dimming, color-changing, and other visual features.
  • Ready to cut. Don’t need such a lengthy strip? You can cut the strip light arbitrarily according to the pad identification of the FPCB light board
  • Affordable. The price of LED strip lights is often as crucial as their features. You’ll be delighted to see how low it’s set for our LEDs when you receive your quote.

If you have never used them before, talk to a licensed electrician before installing our LED strip lights for sale. Our experts can also guide you if you need help.

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