Landscape Lighting

Solar LED street lights for outdoor paths

What makes residents’ lives comfortable and safe? Give this some thought, and you’ll arrive at a decision based on street lights. But what brings them to the pinnacle of efficiency and illumination with minimum pollution is achievable with solar panels. Our street LED solar lights utilize the natural resources to be power-efficient while having slick styles. They can be installed outdoors and need nothing but sunlight and a panel to function.

This Cisun Lighting series is inspired by renewable energy, efficient illumination, and technologies in between. Each fixture is made with a high-performance LED chip and operates for reliability with our two-year warranty.

Solar-powered LED street lights that fulfill any purpose

Whether you need to light a walking path or a highway, make use of solar energy. The Cisun Lighting LED solar street light supplier brings you all the renewable benefits with lamps and panels that:

  • Are easy to operate with or without a remote control
  • Blend in with the beauty of all exterior styles
  • Have IP65 protection
  • Are more efficient than other outdoor lighting products
  • Make outdoor time safe throughout the community

If you can’t find lamps and panels compatible with your project or local illumination codes, contact us to see how we can upgrade our solar-powered units or advise you on other Cisun Lighting products.

Buy solar street lights to turn old-fashioned lights green

Green technologies show their worth dramatically with solar panels for reducing pollution and eliminating environmental threats. At the same time, they are ideal for optimizing electricity consumption and lowering your power bills.

Make old-fashioned light poles greener and more aesthetically appealing! Cisun Lighting is a solar street light manufacturer that enacts change in outdoor illumination while enabling you to preserve nature and cut expenses on powering and maintenance.

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