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Wiring Of LED Main Controller And Sub Controller

Wiring Of LED Main Controller And Sub Controller


This method is suitable for BF12B LED main controller and MR series LED sub-controller; YT-SD50/YT-SD30 main controller and SS series sub-controller are connected.The LED main controller and the LED sub-controller use super category 5 or category 6 network cable, and RJ45 crystal terminals are connected at both ends.The principle is as follows:

BF12B led controller  MR-218DW sub controller

BF12B led controller & MR-218DW sub controller

The controller uses T568B straight-through network cable communication, and the method of making network cable terminals is shown in the figure:


The longest signal line between the controller and the controller should not exceed 100 meters, and the distance between the sub-controller and the first light should not exceed 60 meters.