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which factory led wall strip lights quality is good

which factory led wall strip lights quality is good


led wall waller lights, it called led wall strip lights. It is an extension of the led flood lamp. Compare with led flood lamp. Led wall strip light normally is square and linear. 1 meter length. It could be customized 1.5M, 0.9M, 0.8M, 0.6M, 0.5M... And so on. It depends on how many power do you need? Monochrome, RGB or RGBW.

RGBW LED wall strip light

led wall strip lights it is more suitable to be installed on the wall for large-scale projection. The effects more good than the led flood light. led wall strip lights also has one an extension star product, It is led linear light bar. The difference of between of them is the led. Led linear light bar is use SMD led for the light source. The power normally is under 15W. The good profit is led linear light bar can extend the building outline and the beautiful lines of the wall.

 RGB LED wall strip light

led wall strip lights also called led linear light. It uses high power led light source so it call high power led wall strip lights, high power led wall washer. High power led linear flood light...

The housing we use 6063 aluminum material. Beautiful appearance, Surface anodic electrostatic oxidation or polyester spray treatment. shock resistance and corrosion resistance. led wall strip lights driver and housing are separate. It is for separate the heat. Good for the heat sinking and increase the lifespan. led wall strip lights because of the high power led light source so that it can have very good color wall wash effects and make your building excellent.

led wall strip lights

led wall strip lights, It has 24W, 36W, 48W, 72W.. for options. If you need other powers please contact cisun lighting. Beam angle can make 5-120 degrees. According to your requirement. 12/24/36/220V input voltage for options also.

RGB led wall washer light