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DMX Repeater MR ZJ51W

DMX Repeater MR ZJ51W

The MR-ZJ51W repeater is used to shape and amplify the DMX512 signal after long-distance transmission attenuation, which has the effect of extending the signal transmission distance.
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    DMX Amplifier
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The MR-ZJ51W repeater is used to shape and amplify the DMX512 signal after long-distance transmission attenuation, which has the effect of extending the signal transmission distance. 

The magnetic couple isolation protection technology is used between the input end and the output end of the repeater, so it can avoid the high voltage that may be generated when the control circuit and other equipment fail to burn the precision device, and ensure its safe operation. It can not only protect and control the application At the same time, it also ensures that the DMX signal can be normally transmitted to various lighting equipment, improving the reliability and stability of the entire control system. 

The MR-ZJ51W repeater has an addressing line and supports the isolation protection function of the addressing line, which can effectively protect the lamps and controllers and other equipment in the data line, and improve the addressing success rate of DMX512 LED lights.

Ⅰ  Technical Parameters
◆ Product Specifications: Fully isolated Repeater (1 to 1)
◆ Signal Type: USITT DMX512/1990 Protocol
◆ Equipment Function: Remote Transmission Plastic Amplification Processing
◆ Baud rate: 250Khz-1Mhz
◆ IP Protection Level: IP65
◆ Support Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection, Can Run for a Long Time;
◆ Surge impact Protection: 1.5KV
   ◆ Input Voltage: DC6V~36V
   ◆ Rated Power: ≤2W
   ◆ Signal Isolation Type: Full Magnetic Coupling IsolationMode
   ◆ Addressable Isolation Type: Full Magnetic Coupling Isolation
   ◆ Input Definitions: Ground, Data +(A), Data -(B), Addressing Input (Win)
   ◆ Output Definitions: Ground, Data +(A), Data -(B), Addressable Output (Wout)
   ◆ Support Severe Working Environment -40℃-80℃, Normal Operation Without Failure
   ◆ Support Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection, Can run for a Long Time

Ⅱ  DMX Signale Repeater Wiring Definition

DMX Repeater

① DXM512 Signal Input
② DMX512 Signal Output
③ Voltage Input (DC6-36V)

Wiring is Defined As:


1-1: Signal Lines, address lines input and Output Color Lines are the Same

1-2: Because of Different Batches or Orders, Please Refer to the Physical Label.

Ⅲ  MR-ZJ51W Signal Repeater Dimensions

ZJ51W top view

ZJ51W DimensionsLeft View

Ⅳ  ZJ51W DMX Amplifier Application

DMX Amplifier DMX Repeater Application

In the use of ZJ51W Repeater, the Input and Output are Protected by Magnetic Couple,So it is Not Possible to Connect the Input Ground (GND1) and Output Ground (GND2).

1. The Supply Voltage of the Repeater Should be Taken From the Power Supply of The Lamp Connected
    With the Output of the Repeater Signal. If the Power is Taken From the Lamp Connected With the Repeater
    Signal Input, Then The Isolation Protection of The Repeater is invalid; 
2. If The Repeater is Used Between The Luminaire and the Luminaire,
    The Luminaire Before The Repeater Signal Input and The Luminaire After The Repeater Signal Output Shall be
    Powered by Two Switching Power Supplies Respectively. If The Same Power Supply is Used, The isolation Protection of The Repeater Fails;   
3. in the DMX512 Control Signal Transmission, it is Necessary to Add a Repeater After Every 32 Loads.
    For Specific Application, Please Refer to The Actual Situation On Site.

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