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K1000 Led Pixel Controller

K1000 Led Pixel Controller

Support LEDedit-K software visual independent programming, you can edit LED effects at will。
  • Product model :

  • Output port :

    2 Ports
  • Protocol :

    DMX512 or PWM
  • Control mode :

    Cascade Main controller
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

K-1000D Features: 

1, AC220V high voltage input. 
2, with address writing function. 
3, 32-65536 level gray control, software Gamma correction process. 
4, supports a variety of point, line, surface light source, supports a variety of rules, shaped handle. 
5, the controller outputs a port, with each port maximum 512 lights. 
6, the controller can use multiple cascaded AC synchronous, play content stored in the SD card. 
7, K-1000 store up to 30 files.  
K-1000d led controller
Support Chips: 
Standard DMX protocol 250Kbps 
Standard DMX protocol 500Kbps 
UCS-DMX lights IC 
UCS1903 1909 1912 High Speed 
DMX512AP-N series IC 
WS2821A series IC 
Note: A single-IC simply pick and GNDetc. 

led pixel controller

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