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led bridge lights style 03

led bridge lights style 03

12W,18W, 36V DC Input, Bridge anti-collision guardrail light
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    Bridge Lights
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    2 years
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LED guardrail light is suitable for coaxial or high-speed road lighting scheme, with excellent lighting effect; adopts aluminum alloy lamp body, waterproof, dustproof, anti-collision performance is good; has a unique light distribution design scheme,

Meet the basic lighting of the road, high light efficiency, low glare, provide the driver with a comfortable driving route.

1. The lamp body of the lamp is made of 6063-T5 high-quality aluminum profile, which is formed by hot extrusion and the thickness is not less than 3mm. A reinforced groove is provided on the surface of the profile, which can enhance heat dissipation and increase the strength of the lamp.
2. The end cover of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy by stamping, which has high structural strength and strong impact resistance.
3. The end cover of the lamp and the lamp body are fastened with stainless steel bolts, which has good appearance and long service life.
4. Light-transmitting lampshade: It is made of high-quality PC material and has a thickness of 2mm or more. It has excellent light transmittance, UV resistance and high temperature resistance (within 100 ℃).
5. The lamp adopts anti-glare structure to effectively avoid glare. The light distribution of the lamp is suitable for road lighting requirements. The light is projected on the pavement. The illumination and glare control meet the requirements of the "Urban Road Lighting Design Standard".
6. The lamps and lanterns adopt imported 3535 high-brightness LED chips, with a single power of 1W, and the light efficiency of the chip is not less than 110LM; the junction temperature of the chip under the rated working state is not higher than 85 ℃.
7. Adopt high quality aluminum substrate.
8. The protection level of the lamps is not less than IP65, and the method of waterproofing is used.
9. It has good outdoor anti-corrosion performance of lamps.
10. Has good anti-vibration performance.
11. The lamp has a built-in constant current drive with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and open circuit protection.
12. The surface of the lamps and lanterns will be treated with electrostatic spray after the degreasing process and pretreatment (phosphating).

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