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MR 228DW SUB Controller DMX512 LED Lights Controller

MR 228DW SUB Controller DMX512 LED Lights Controller

Standard DMX protocol SUB LED Controller, 8-port Output, supports multiple cascades.
  • Product Model :

  • Output Port :

    8 Ports
  • Protocol :

  • Control Mode :

  • Dimensions :

  • Net Weight :

    1.45 Kg
  • Software :

    Simple LED /MR player
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MR-228DW DMX sub-control system is the third-generation new product for the night scene lighting project. Using more high-end FPGA chips, it supports higher computing speed, larger storage space, and can be expanded to support more load channels. Support 8-port output, support maximum 120Hz frame rate output. Support overcurrent and overvoltage protection, surge protection 1.5KV and other features. Long-term operation in high and low temperature harsh environments.

I. Features

1. MR-228DW Standard USITT DMX512/1990 General Grotocol and Extended Protocol;

2. MR-228DW Support Unlimited Cascade Transmission, Unlimited Number;

3. MR-228DW Support Return to Zero Code、Manchester Encoding Protocol;

4. Controller Signal OutPut ADRI/PO Terminal Can Achieve DMX512 Channel Automatic Addressing,
Support DMX512AP-N / NB, UCS512, MY7221, WS2821 and Other Driver Chips;

5. MR-228DW Support Address Line Differential Signal, Can Be Used for Long Distance;

6. Independent Brightness Control of 3 Primary Colors, Easy to Adjust White Balance;

7. Support R,RB,RGB,RGBW,RGBWY, and Multi-Color Mixing Control;

8. Support 32-65536 Grayscale 16Bit, Support 262144 Grayscale, Restore image Details;

9. Accurate Gamma Correction Algorithm, in Line With Human Visual Sense;

10. Support Opening and Closing the Function of Writing DMX Addresses and Parameters;

11. Support 120Hz Frame Rate to Ensure High-definition Display and 3D Requirements;

12. Using Ethernet Interface and UDP Protocol, The Distance is 100 Meters;

13. LCD Display Module Displays Controller Parameters and Status in Time;

14. Two RJ45 Ports, Support Mixed Cascading; Automatic Software Display Status;

15. 8-Port OutPut, Single Channel 512 Channels, ExpansionNeeds to BeTested by Itself;

16. Support Backup, Single Device Failure or Network Cable Disconnection Has no Effect;

17. Support Device Port Anti-interference and Leakage Design;

18. Support Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection, Can run for a Long Time;

19. Network Adaptive or Mandatory 100M Can be Set to Support More Loading;

20. Equipment Network Port, Port OutPut, Surge Protection: 1.5KV;

21. Support Severe Working Environment -40℃-80℃, Normal Operation Without Failure.
22. Using full magnetic lotus isolation scheme, isolation voltage ≥1200V;
23. Support device firmware online one-click upgrade.

II. OutPut Port Definition

MR-228DW Controller Uses 8-Port 5Pin Terminal Interface OutPut Signals.

5Pin Terminals Sort Sequentially From Left to Right, As Shown Below:
Wiring definition

Note: The Signal Terminal ④⑤ is a Differential Signal. When The Differential OutPut of The Addressing Line is Not Used, Only Connect ⑤ (Addressing +).

III. Controller Three View Size Chart

MR-228DW Front View:

MR-228 Front View

MR-228DW Top View:

MR-228 TOP View

MR-228DW Rear View

MR-228 Rear View

Remark:Above Three Views The Size Unit is mm.

IV. Basic Parameter Table

MR-228DW Parameters

Install and Use

I、Online mode (Connected With The Computer )

MR-228DW Controllerd Connect With The Computer Ethernet Port,as Shown Below:

MR-228DW & PC control connected

II、Offline Mode

MR-228DW Connect With the Offline Master Controller,as Shown Below:

MR-228DW & Main controller

III、Integrated synchronous and Asynchronous Mode

Connect With the Computer and The Main Control (Online Priority. No Signal Switch Offline), as Shown in The Following Figure:

MR-228DW Cluster control

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