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MR 228R RDM Controller

MR 228R RDM Controller

MR-228R RMD controller supports standard RDM protocol, based on DMX512-A standard protocol, the RDM system for LED control applications is formed, and the working status of LED lights can be detected in real time through the control system.
  • Product Model :

  • Output Port :

    8 Ports
  • Protocol :

    RDM & DMX
  • Control Mode :

  • Dimensions :

  • Net Weight :

    1.45 Kg
  • Software :

    MR player
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

MR-228R controller supports standard RDM protocol, based on DMX512-A standard protocol, to form an RDM system for LED control applications, its control system has all the functions of standard DMX512 related control applications, and integrates RDM control command sending, RDM feedback information reception, and RDM information display and other functions, through the control system real-time detection of LED lamps working status, such as lamp current, voltage, temperature, running time, fault reporting and other information.

I. Features

1. MR-228R is Based on The Standard DMX512-A Protocol and Fully Supports the Standard RDM Protocol;
   【Proposed by ESTA, This Protocol is an ANSI-Certified RDM Protocol (Device Remote Management)
Supports E1.20-2006 and Downward Compatible Versions.

2. Real-Time State Monitoring Can be Carried Out With Standard RDM (Remote Equipment Management) Protocol Lamps

Remote Read and Write (Search and Find) UID

Support UID to Modify DMX Address

Support for Reading Back Firmware Version Numbers

Supports Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Support Real-Time Current Monitoring

Support Real-Time Voltage Monitoring

Support Online Monitoring of Running Time

Support Fault Reporting, and Block Trouble Light Points

Supports Real-Time Monitoring of Communication Status

3. MR-228R Standard USITT DMX512/1990 General Grotocol and Extended Protocol

4. MR-228R Support Unlimited Cascade Transmission, Unlimited Number;

5. Independent Brightness Control of 3 Primary Colors, Easy to Adjust White Balance;

6. Support R,RB,RGB,RGBW,RGBWY, and Multi-Color Mixing Control;

7. Support 32-65536 Grayscale 16Bit, Support 262144 Grayscale, Restore image Details;

8. Accurate Gamma Correction Algorithm, in Line With Human Visual Sense;

9. Support Opening and Closing the Function of Writing DMX Addresses and Parameters;

10. Support 120Hz Frame Rate to Ensure High-definition Display and 3D Requirements;

11. Using Ethernet Interface and UDP Protocol, The Distance is 100 Meters;

12. LCD Display Module Displays Controller Parameters and Status in Time;

13. Two RJ45 Ports, Support Mixed Cascading; Automatic Software Display Status;

14. 8-Port OutPut, Single Channel 512 Channels, ExpansionNeeds to BeTested by Itself;

15. Support Backup, Single Device Failure or Network Cable Disconnection Has no Effect;

16. Support Device Port Anti-interference and Leakage Design;

17. The MR-228R 8 Ports are Separated by Magnetic Coupling

18. Support Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection, Can run for a Long Time;

19. Equipment Network Port, Port OutPut, Surge Protection: 1.5KV;

20. Support Severe Working Environment -40℃-80℃, Normal Operation Without Failure.

21. Network Adaptive or Mandatory 100M Can be Set to Support More Loading;

22. Supports Online One-Click Upgrade of Device Firmware.

RDM Controller Application

II. OutPut Port Definition

MR-228R Controller Uses 8-Port 5Pin Terminal Interface OutPut Signals.

5Pin Terminals Sort Sequentially From Left to Right, AShown Below:

wirring details

IIIController Three View Size Chart

MR-228R View 

MR-228R front view

MR-228R Top View

Remark:The Size Unit is mm.

IV. Basic Parameter Table

MR-228R RDM Controller Parameters

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