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MR 328A All In One Lights Controller SPI LED Controller

MR 328A All In One Lights Controller SPI LED Controller

SPI /TTL offline standalone controller for small projects or simple projects.
  • Product Model :

  • Output Port :

    8 Ports
  • Protocol :

  • Max Upload :

    8192 pixels
  • Control Mode :

    Offline LED Controller
  • Dimensions :

  • Net Weight :

    1.45 Kg
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

The Third generation upgrade product is the upgrade product of MR-328A, which can be compatible with each other.

The MR-328A controller supports a variety of serial driver chips,
  Which Can be automatically selected by the user.
  The single output outlet has a load of 1024 pixels
  (if the frame rate is not required, the load capacity can be increased, which needs to be tested by yourself).

MR-328A controller uses 32GB SD card to store offline animation data,
  supports remote control, and the controller has buttons, can set the corresponding parameters,
  support segment selection, brightness adjustment, timing playback and white balance
  adjustment and other functions.

MR-328A controller uses network protocol for communication, and the interface is standard RJ-45.
  If a computer is added, it can realize the link/offline control mode (online priority).

The MR-328A controller can only be used in a single unit and is suitable for small project applications.

MR-328A Controller Applications

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