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MR CM12B Main LED Controller

MR CM12B Main LED Controller

Main controller with touch screen function as standard,It needs to be used with a subcontroller.
  • Product Model :

  • Protocol :

    TCP /UDP
  • Max Upload :

    120,000 Pixels
  • Control Mode :

    Offline Main Controller
  • Dimensions :

  • Net Weight :

    1.45 Kg
  • Software :

    Simple LED /MR player
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

MR-CM12B touch series main controller is the third generation of new products for night scene lighting engineering. It uses higher-end FPGA chips, supports higher computing speeds, larger storage space, and can be expanded to support more load channels. Support capacitive multi-touch operation, greatly optimize on-site debugging work, and support up to 450,000 outputs. Surge protection 1.5KV and other features. Long-term operation in harsh environments with high and low temperatures.

System features

1. MR-CM12B equipment supports up to 450,000 channels with load, which greatly meets the needs of customer projects;
2. MR-CM12B equipment main controller, support unlimited cascade of sub-controller, without any cascade number limit;
3. Embedded 4.3-inch full-color TFT capacitive touch LCD screen with a resolution of 480x272;
4. The system supports automatic, timing, holiday preset effect playback;
5. Through the touch screen, program clip selection, brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment, playback speed adjustment, etc. can be realized;
6. Support console channel mode test, convenient for on-site debugging channel definition;
7. Support offline one-key fixing, clear sub-control ID number, convenient for on-site application;
8. Support switch parallel scheme: reduce the length of the system cascade chain and improve stability;
9. Support multi-loop ring backup, one controller is bad or the network cable is not affected;
10. Support multiple master real-time hot backup;
11. Support a variety of DMX512 driver chip offline one-click write address;
12. Independent brightness control of three primary colors, making precise adjustment of white balance more simple and effective;
13. Support monochrome, two-color, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY, and multi-color mixing control;
14. Stable transmission using Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol, maximum transmission distance of 100 meters;
15. LCD display module displays controller parameters and status in time;
16. SD card storage, the controller can support up to 64G, up to 99 program files can be preset;
17. Support multiple offline main LANs to remotely download and update offline programs online;
18. Built-in animation test program, convenient for customers to debug and apply in the project;
19. It can support the mixing of different types of lamps and different protocol lamps, with strong compatibility;
20. Equipment network port, surge impact protection: 1.5KV;
21. Support severe working environment -40°C-80°C, trouble-free normal operation.

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