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MR502 LED lights controller

MR502 LED lights controller

The MR-502 is a 4-port output pixel controller with two DMX signals and two SPI outputs. DMX signals support 512 pixels*2port, SPI signals support 1024 pixels*2port.
  • Product Model :

  • Output Port :

    2 Ports
  • Protocol :

    DMX /SPI
  • Control Mode :

    Offline LED Controller
  • Dimensions :

    190*96*32.5 mm
  • Net Weight :

    0.6 Kg
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size

MR-502 Controller Functions

1. 32-65536 degree Gray control, can real restore image color and detail;
2. Using the keys to quickly set the controller parameters,such as IC type,the controller 
   number、Program fragment、Play speed、Lamp brightness;
3. LCD display module timely display controller parameters and status;
4. Support the remote to set the controller parameters, such as IC type, the controller 
   number, Program fragment, Play speed and Jump frequency ;
5. Support SD card storage animation date, convenient and quick;
6. The program fragment can be independently set the Year、Month、day、time and week 
   to timing play;
7. The controller output with 2 port SPI signal output and 2 port DMX 512 signal 
8. Support MR-DMX05、DMX512AP、UCS512 and DMX512 IC Addressing function;
9. Multiple IC control integrated as a body, change the IC type、clock frequency、Duty 
   Cycle、Gray level parameters and so on;
10. Support AC power frequency synchronization between the controllers、Sync cable 
    sync、Satellite synchronization and so on;
11. Support DC or AC wide voltage power supply;
12. Have the time lock encryption function;
13. Support for environmental control、Audio and light control and the sensing module 
    (optional) application,Interactive and convenient adjusting lamp brightness;
14. support a majority of serial driver LED driver IC,such as:
15. Support standard USITT DMX512/1990 General protocol and extend DMX512 
   protocol,such as:

The MR-502 controller specification and parameters

I. Appearance of the controller

MR-502 LED controller

MR-502 lights controller

① LCD Screen ② Menu ③ Confirm and save ④ Add keys
⑤ Minus Keys ⑥ AC12V power inputs ⑦ DC power input ⑧ Synchronous line input
⑨ Synchronous line output ⑩ DMX512 signal output ⑾ SPI signal output 
⑿ Infrared remote control receiver ⒀ SD card slot

II. Output port definition

Wirring Details

III. MR-502 Controller Dimensions:


mr502 top view

MR-502 back view

IV. MR-502 Controller Parameters

MR-502 Parameters

Mr-502 controller parameters

MR-502 controller application mode
In the MR-502 controller applications,applications can be divided into sync cable and 
AC power frequency synchronization and other various application mode.

I. Sync cable Application
 In the MR-502 controller sync cable applications,by using the synchronous line in the 
MR-502 controller to realize synchronization between the controllers。In this application 
mode,By setting the 1st controller to achieve a unified control of the subsequent 
controller,for example:Segment selection、Speed adjustment settings.
MR-502 controller Applications

  1. DC power supply range:DC 7V-24V;

  2. Sync cable using shielded twisted pair or five twisted pair,Wire cross-sectional area 
    of not less than 0.5 mm,The length of not more than 150 meters.

II. Application of AC frequency synchronization
    In the AC power frequency synchronization application,controller adopt AC power 
    supply(AC 12V),MR-502 controller support AC synchronous,The project uses a switch
    all controllers to control the power,By electrically controlled simultaneously to achieve 
MR-502 controller Applications

  As shown above,MR-502 controller uses low-voltage AC(AC9V) power supply,By the 
transformer power supply,Through a switch to control the fire wire AC220 AC,to achieve 
all the controller on power at the same time.

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