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T700K pixel led controller

T700K pixel led controller

Support LEDedit-K software visual independent programming, you can edit LED effects at will。
  • Product model :

  • Output port :

    8 Ports
  • Protocol :

    DMX512 or PWM
  • Control mode :

    Cascade SUB controller
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size
T-700K system features
1、32 to 65536 grade gray control, software Gamma correction processing.
2、Supports various point, line and area light sources, supports various rules, and special-shaped processing.
3、The master control and the sub-control are adopted, and the play effect is stored in the SD card of the main controller (offline player). In the same project, only need to insert the card in the master control is ok, the sub-control has no need to insert the card, and it is more convenient to switch the effects.
4、Single master (offline player) with a maximum load of 60 sets sub-control or maximum load of 160,000 pixels points; communication between controllers using international standard TCP / IP network protocol, transmission speed is more stable and fast, every two The maximum transmission distance between the controllers can reach 100 meters, beyond which the switch can be used or the fiber can be used for long-distance transmission.
5、Each sub-control has 8 ports, each port can support maximum of 768 pixel lights, and the main control does not have a light.
6、The sub-control test function, selects the lamp-loaded IC by adjusting the button, and comes with 3 kinds of test programs (the built-in effect defaults to 3 channels).
7、The main control manually numbers the sub-controls, and the sub-controls manually number the sub-controls.
8、When carrying DMX lamps, the master can perform one-click address writing for all the sub-control lamps. For details, please refer to the one-click address function of our 2019 LedEdit-K V4.6 and later software.
9、Enhanced TTL and 485 differential signal output, compatible with single, dual line and DMX IC controllers, when connected to single-line IC lamps, no need to connect CLK clock line.

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