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T800K led light controller

T800K led light controller

Support LEDedit-K software visual independent programming, you can edit LED effects at will。
  • Product model :

  • Output port :

    8 Ports
  • Protocol :

    DMX512 or PWM
  • Control mode :

    Cascade Main controller
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size
T-800K system features
1、The controller has eight port output, each port can support up to 170/512/768 pixels(The pixels is different according to the different IC).
2、The controller port outputs two signal protocols: DMX512/1990 international standard protocol and DMX512 extended protocol; 2SPI/TTL serial protocol.
3、The controller output port is designed with a dynamic LED indicator that provides the operating status of the controller output port.
4、The controller output port provides three protections to ensure that the controller output port is not burned out if the controlled lamp has a short/inverted condition.
5、Controller ID automatic/manual numbering function, which can be numbered together with multiple controllers, or numbered the individual controller.
6、The controller comes with built-in effects, can test on-load luminaires (support all RGB/RGBW luminaires).
7. The controller has DMX512 write function and address test. The single port or all ports carry the DMX512 IC write address and perform address test on the luminaire.
8、The communication between the controllers adopts the international standard TCP/IP network protocol. The optional transmission rate supports 100M/Gigabit adaptation, and the transmission speed is more stable and fast. The maximum transmission distance between each two controllers can reach 100 meters. More than this distance can increase the switch or use fiber for long-distance transmission.
9、The controller provides an LCD screen display that shows the model, ID, and operating status of the control.
10、When connected with our online video software LedPlayer for computer control, the connection status of the controller is monitored in real time on the computer.
11、The online video software LedPlayer comes with Gamma correction, which makes the color display more delicate and vivid.

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