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YT SD50 led main controller

YT SD50 led main controller

This controller must be used with the SS-series sub- controller, Support easy player programming.
  • Product model :

  • Output port :

    Link A/Link B
  • Protocol :

    DMX512 or PWM
  • Control mode :

    Host controller
  • Product Details
  • Packing&Size
1. Offline master control, SD card storage, standard 4G, maximum support 32G, with SS-S950/980 SUB controller to achieve offline control, the maximum control point is 120,000 points
2. External infrared remote control, selectable clip, brightness, speed, red, green and blue test effect, write address code
3. Support timed playback, up to 255 clips (holiday, week, month, day, hour, etc.)
4. Cooperate with DMX-TCP converter to realize the optional broadcast of offline files by DMX console
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