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Make your facade stand out with LED wall washer lights for sale

Your entrance may require just a few regular lights. But sometimes, you may need to install a lot of fixtures for eye-catching illumination. So, if you’re looking for enhancements for this purpose, order wall washer lights from Cisun Lighting. Here you’ll definitely find an option that checks all the boxes.

Buy LED wall washer lamps for any space

Your wall-washing options include an array of products to be installed for cascading illumination effects for residential or commercial projects. The color temperature of our products, for example, can vary from 1700K to 6500K. You can even combine the colors of our cheap LED linear wall washers in different setups and get great-looking fixtures wherever you want.

Our wall washers are housed in aluminum fixtures and covered with tempered glass. They are available with 18W-72W in their rated power. Besides, all our wall washer lamps support 24V-240V voltage.

Looking to illuminate your entrance outdoors? Our wall washers are certified to IP65 and IP67 to make sure they can withstand the elements. With this protection, we guarantee more than 50000 hours in the lifespan of each light. But if something happens to your wall washers, you can get back to us while being protected by a 3-year Cisun Lighting warranty.

Check out our selection of LED RGB wall washers online

Cisun Lighting is all about sophisticated lighting solutions with intelligent controls. Our wall washers are the right choice to give your backyard, entrance, or other residential or commercial areas a brighter and more enchanting look. Pick the lights you love, and we’ll provide you with a quote.


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