Facade Lighting

Facade lighting to make buildings more curb-appealing

When the sun gives way to the twilight, it’s up to you to make sure your building doesn’t blend into the darkness. Why not make it look more beautiful at night by lighting a facade and keeping it well-lit to the dawn?

As the key exterior design element, the facade determines the general vibe of the building. By highlighting its crucial features with LED lighting, you can improve its aesthetics and make it more eye-catching. This minor trick won’t cost you a fortune once you team up with Cisun Lighting.

Our robust production capacity and many years of experience stand behind the lowest facade light prices for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. If you’re looking to illuminate the facade, order our lighting solutions wholesale to save more as the number of luminaires goes up.

Install lights for facades to shift the focus

If your building lacks distinguishing features for an instant curb appeal or safety, you can use lighting to add distractive shadows and refocus attention. What’s more, you can resort to silhouetting by placing lights in the background or accentuating only certain parts of the building. This can help you illuminate the building in all its glory.

When you clearly realize your exterior lighting needs, it’s much easier to get the right option, even in the comfort of your home. With Cisun Lighting, you can order facade lights online while enjoying uncompromising customer service.

Choose from monochrome and full-color lights to decorate your facade walls. Our LED range spans pixel, dot, digital light tubes, and other lights to perfect the exterior appearance of any building.

Buy facade lights for a pop of color

Whether you’re interested in standard heat-resistant LED lighting or luminaires that stand out with various effects, including running water and changing color gradients, Cisun Lighting can deliver it. Our LED lighting comes in different specifications to meet all your requirements.

For a wow effect with your exterior lighting, combine a few sets of LED lights and add a controller. This will allow you to display video and animation on the facade of the building. It can be a great choice for shopping malls and business centers.

Do you want to find out the facade lighting price? Please fill in the contact form, specifying all the desired features for your exterior lighting and the number of LED lights you would like to install.


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