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Versatile LED light control systems for your lighting projects

LED lighting technology has already revolutionized the way we light things up, from street lighting to automobile headlights. Light-emitting diodes are brighter, more energy-efficient, and versatile than what we used to install, but they require sophisticated controllers to function. They are not conventional light bulbs that you can plug anywhere and turn on and off using an old-fashioned switch. So, if your lighting project is based on LED, a reliable LED lighting control system is what you are looking for.

We design and manufacture controllers for any purpose. Whether you need to light up an entryway or add stunning visual effects to an entertainment show, there’s a controller that can make it simple for you.

Types of LED light controllers at your disposal

Choose from ArtNet-to-SPI and ArtNet-to-DMX controllers that can be used with LEDEdit-K / Simple led player / Easy player software and are easily expandable. The LED controller price depends on the type and the number of controllers you need. You can use these units to manage RGB / RGBW LED lights according to the requirements of your lighting project.

For your convenience, we carry:

  • Off-line synchronous controllers that don’t require sub-controllers to operate
  • Systems with computerized control
  • GPS satellite-synchronized controllers
  • Sub-controllers to scale the functionality of the assembled system

The best way to find the right combination of controllers is to send us the specifications of your lighting project. Our specialists will then put forward the recommendations specifically for you.

Order your perfect LED light controller online

If you need a sophisticated solution for your dynamic LED-based masterpiece, use LED controllers from Cisun Lighting. We realize that each project requires a certain set of controllers to combine. Check out our online catalog first to see if the required units are available. To find out the final LED light controller price, get in touch for a quote.

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